LDWA Notices:

That the Board of
Directors of the Lake
Durango Water
Authority shall hold
regular meetings on
the 3rd Thursday of
each month at
5:15 p.m. at the Lake
Durango Water Authority
office located at 667 South
Lakeside Drive, Hesperus, CO.
In the event that the office
is inaccessible due to weather
or construction the meetings
will be held at the office of
Durango West 1, 119 Holly
Hock Trail, Durango,


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Lake Durango Water Authority

The Lake Durango Water Authority was established in January 2008 by members of La Plata County and Durango West 1 and Durango West 2 Metropolitan Districts for the purpose of purchasing and operating the Lake Durango Water Company system. The purchase was completed in July 2009 at which time the Authority took over operation of the system. Since the time of the purchase the Authority has: completed a Master Plan to guide the operation of the system; completed a Rate and Fee Study to equitably assess rates and tap fees; completed over $750,000 in capital improvements to the source water, treatment, distribution system; improved water quality and customer satisfaction. The Authority with partners La Plata West Water Authority, Southern Ute and Mountain Ute Tribes is nearing completion of a pipeline project that will deliver additional raw water to Lake Durango. The pipeline has been tested which has allowed La Plata County to lift the tap sale moratorium that was instituted in 2003 and also prevented the Authority from imposing drastic water restriction in the current year.

Mission Statement

"Our goal is to provide reliable quality water to the 1435 current tap holders and to develop additional water resources to expand the service area."


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2018 Budget Information

2018 Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year of 2017


Taste and odor issues:


December 5, 2018

For several weeks the water quality leaving the treament plant has been excellent. We have been cycling storage tanks and flushing water mains to help clear any residual taste and odor out of the system. If you are still experiencing taste and odor issue, it is recommended to replace water filters and drain hot water tanks. ALWAYS TURN OFF HOT WATER HEATER BEFORE DRAINING TANK!!

November 21, 2018

The water taste and odor problems have subsided at the treatment plant. The high levels of iron and managese that resulted from the lake turning over caused the chlorine dioxide treatment of taste and odor to be much less effective. We are currenlty using increased dosgaes of chlorine to prevent any recurrances of the taste and odor problems. It is recommended that if there is still an issue with taste and odor, to drain the hot water heater.

The lake began turning over towards the end of September which has caused some odor and taste issues. The iron and manganese that were stirred up during the lake turnover have interferred with the chlorine dioxide the we use to treat taste and odor.The treatment process has been changed and the the issues should subside when the lake stabilizes.  

As temperature changes each fall, the water on the top of the lake becomes colder and denser which causes it drops to the bottom. The warmer deoxygenated water on the bottom rises to the top and carries iron and manganese compounds that cause the tast and odor issues to the surface. The change is more pronounced in drought years like this one which has had above average temperatures and the lake was not filled with with fresh water in the spring. We will begin adding a small amount of Lake Nighthorse water to the lake each month beginning in the next few weeks, hopefully this will help prevent turnover in the future.

Water Rate Relief Assistance

Lake Durango Water Authority (LDWA) offers limited financial assistance to low income homeowners. This assistance is intended to partially mitigate the impact of the 2009 acquisition costs. Eligibility is restricted to qualified low income owner-occupied homeowners within the LDWA service area. Application and eligibility details are available by clicking here, at the LDWA office (667 S.Lakeside Dr., Durango)
Click here to view full details and download the application.


Water Information Program

The link below provides information on available water for southwest communites of Colorado.

The Water Information Program