LDWA Notices:

That the Board of
Directors of the Lake
Durango Water
Authority shall hold
regular meetings on
the 3rd Thursday of
each month at
5:15 p.m. at the Lake
Durango Water Authority
office located at 667 South
Lakeside Drive, Hesperus, CO.
In the event that the office
is inaccessible due to weather
or construction the meetings
will be held at the office of
Durango West 1, 119 Holly
Hock Trail, Durango,


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Lake Durango Water Authority Water Use Restriction
Updated 06/01/2017

Dear Lake Durango Water Customers,
Thank you for your ongoing cooperation to conserve water as we are recovering from the 4th consecutive year of reduced or no water from Authority water rights on the La Plata River. The Lake Durango Reservoir storage volume is currently over 800 acre-feet and there are no water use restrictions in place. The Authority will be updating the restriction requirements on its web page www.lakedurango.org. Monthly bill cards will note whether restrictions are in effect. It is your responsibility to determine if restrictions are in place if you plan to irrigate, wash vehicles, or plan to fill ponds or pools. If you have any questions regarding water use please feel free to contact our office 970-247-4062.
Construction has begun on the project to deliver Animas-La Plata Project water to Lake Durango. The project is scheduled for completion by September 2017.

 Water Use Restrictions

Lake Durango Reservoir Level  (acre feet)

Stages of Restriction

800 or more

No Restriction


Stage I


Stage II


Stage III

Below 250

Stage IV

(1)  Stage 1:  Outside watering is limited to two hours per day, two days per week (Tuesday and Friday, 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm).  Hoses may be used but may not be left unattended without sprinkler head or control device (open running hoses may not be left unattended).  Car/boat/recreational vehicle washing is not permitted.  Except for livestock, no filling of tanks or ponds is permitted.  Swimming pools, koi ponds, waterfalls, or any type of landscaping ponds may not be filled.  Excess water will not be allowed to run down driveways, ditches, or roads.  Watering potted plants with pails, buckets, or watering cans is allowed at any time. 
(2)  Stage 2:  Outside watering is limited to two hours, one day per week (Tuesday or Friday, 7am to 9am or 7pm to 9pm).  All other restrictions of Stage 1 apply.
(3)   Stage 3:  No outside watering is permitted.  All other restrictions of Stage 1 apply. 
(4)  Stage 4:  No outside use of water in any fashion is permitted.  Limits on the inside household use of water will be implemented.  Strict adherence to the limits will be required. 
(5)  Conservation Incentive Rates.  The following “Conservation Incentive Rates” will be assessed any Retail Customer who fails to abide by the restrictions in place, as evidenced by a reasonable written verification obtained by the Authority describing the time and nature of the offense:             

1st Offense

Written Warning

2nd Offense


3rd Offense


Lake Durango Water Authority

The Lake Durango Water Authority (LDWA) is the end product of the cooperation between the customers of the Lake Durango Water Company (LDWC) and the La Plata County Commissioners. In June of 2007 these groups met with the owner of LDWC and agreed to transfer the assets and operation of the water system to a governmental entity with the desire better serve the residents of the service area. The authority was formed in January of 2008 and has to date secured the funding and needed research to complete the transfer sometime in 2009.

Mission Statement

"Our goal is to provide reliable quality water to the 1435 current tap holders and to develop additional water resources to expand the service area."

LDWA Information

LDWA Rules and Regulations PDF

LDWA Bylaws

2017 Budget Information

2017 Drinking Water Quality Report for the Year of 2016

Water Rate Relief Assistance

Lake Durango Water Authority (LDWA) offers limited financial assistance to low income homeowners. This assistance is intended to partially mitigate the impact of the 2009 acquisition costs. Eligibility is restricted to qualified low income owner-occupied homeowners within the LDWA service area. Application and eligibility details are available by clicking here, at the LDWA office (667 S.Lakeside Dr., Durango)
Click here to view full details and download the application.


Water Information Program

The link below provides information on available water for southwest communites of Colorado.

The Water Information Program