LDWA Notices:

That the Board of
Directors of the Lake
Durango Water
Authority shall hold
regular meetings on
the 3rd Thursday of
each month at
5:15 p.m. at the Lake
Durango Water Authority
office located at 667 South
Lakeside Drive, Hesperus, CO.
In the event that the office
is inaccessible due to weather
or construction the meetings
will be held at the office of
Durango West 1, 119 Holly
Hock Trail, Durango,


Copyright 2016 LDWA

Rate Study

In March of 2009 The Lake Durango Water Autority was Awarded a grant from the Colorado Division of Local Affairs (DOLA) in the amount of $500,000.00 to make improvements to the water system. One of these investments the Authority is planning is the creation and implementation of a new rate structure for the customers of Lake Durango. Once has been completed, the resullts will be posted here. It is the general feling that the information necessary for this study is not included in the files inherited from The Lake Durango Water Company and therefore may take several months to compile.