LDWA Notices:

That the Board of
Directors of the Lake
Durango Water
Authority shall hold
regular meetings on
the 3rd Thursday of
each month at
5:15 p.m. at the Lake
Durango Water Authority
office located at 667 South
Lakeside Drive, Hesperus, CO.
In the event that the office
is inaccessible due to weather
or construction the meetings
will be held at the office of
Durango West 1, 119 Holly
Hock Trail, Durango,


Copyright 2016 LDWA

Billing Questions


Should you have any questions about your bill from
The Lake Durango Water Authority, please call

Billing questions: 247-4062
LDWA Office:  667 South Lakeside Dr
Durango , CO 81303
LDWA Mailing Address: PO Box 657 Durango, CO 81302

You may e-mail your questions to

[email protected]


Rental Properties


If you have a rental property being serviced by Lake Durango Water Authority, please contact the billing department to verify the renter's information on the account. It is also highly recommended that when the renter moves out for owners to contact the billing department to make sure the account is current before refunding deposits to renters. Owners are responsible for any unpaid charges left on the account by renters.

If you need to update your mailing address, please download the form below. You can mail or email the completed form to the addresses above.

Mailing Address Change Form


Questions About Bill

ACQU- Acquisition and Capital Improvements fee. All Lake Durango Water Authority customers pay the Acquisition and Capital Improvements fee whether they use water or not. It covers the cost of purchasing the Lake Durango Water Company, infrastructure improvements and additions, and water purchases .

BASE- Monthly Service Fee. Monthly charge for water service. 

WTUR - Water Usage Retail. Charge for all water consumed during current month based on water usage.

PREM - Premiums. Tiered charges for water consumed in excess of 6,000 gallons based on current monthly water usage.

RLTY - Royalty.Water royalty charge based on current months water usage

LC - Late Charge. Late fee incurred for late or missed payments. 

The "Current Amount" is the current month's charges. The "Amount Due Now" is the account balance up to date.



Current Rates